Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Osborne livestock equipment apart from competitor’s equipment?

At Osborne Industries we market a full line of livestock equipment that has been developed over our 40 year history. Our products like Big Wheel® hog feeders, Stanfield® heat pads, and ACCU-ARM® weigh scales have gained strong brand recognition owing to their consistent quality and top performance. We are also a leader in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) of individual animals with our systems like FIRE® pig performance testing system, TEAM® electronic sow feeding system, and the Weight Watcher growth management system. Osborne Industries is a 100% employee-owned company based in North Central Kansas, USA. Our signature products are 100% American-made by hard working, dedicated employees. Osborne has a large network of equipment distributors around the world to service and sell their livestock management equipment.

Can Osborne help me with a complete farm design?

Yes. With our “Single Source Swine Solutions,” we can provide hog producers with the design, construction, equipment, training and implementation of new facilities wherever they may be. For over 30 years we have been designing layouts for users of our equipment. Our design team combines sophisticated technology and years of experience to assist clients in designing new facilities or renovating old farms. Our goal is to offer our clients a design plan for the efficient use of ventilation, feeding, watering, and more. We also provide design layouts for retrofitting our management equipment for clients that already have a working farm but want to upgrade to more efficient systems of equipment.

Having a design plan is helpful, but what about the construction process, new equipment installation, and system training?

We do that, too. At Osborne, we understand the challenges producers face. We provide sophisticated, economical, and customizable building packages to our clients. We oversee the construction process and assure the quality of the products used. We can also provide every piece of equipment that you need for your operation. Finally, our professional Customer Service, Technical Support, and Sales teams are dedicated to providing prompt service and training. The training we provide will ensure that you get the most out of your equipment.

Should I use a heating pad or a heat lamp for my pigs?

Our Stanfield® Pig Heating Pads provide a safe and durable heating solution in both farrowing houses and nurseries. Our heat pads are made of durable, fire retardant, and water resistant materials with tough fiberglass-reinforced composite construction and even wire pattern. These features provide uniform heat along the length of the pad and also act as a draft barrier, blocking cold air flow from the pit. Our heat pads are easy to clean and provide animals with solid footing. The gentle warmth of the pad (around 30-35° F above air temperature with no power control) keeps piglets safely away from the sow in farrowing, resulting in a decrease of crush losses and an increase in weight gain. Heating pads also use less power than dangerous and unpredictable heat lamps. Visit our Stanfield Pig Heating Pads page for more information and to calculate the potential savings of switching from lamps to pads today!

Is the FIRE testing system more effective than other brands?

With outstanding accuracy, the Osborne FIRE® (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) system completely automates the measurement of daily feed intake and other performance characteristics of animals like pigs, sheep, and goats. Our exclusive Dynamic Portion Calibration (DPC) gives the FIRE feeder an advantage above other systems by accurately weighing feed in the trough of the feeder. Additionally, our 30 year history with FIRE and thousands of operating ad-lib FIRE feeders all over the world, are proof that the Osborne FIRE system is truly the “gold standard” in pig performance testing.

Which is the best hog feeder for my application?

We offer a variety of options in hog feeding, each of which can match your application. Our signature feeders, the round Big Wheel pig feeders, are available in nursery, wean-to-finish, and finishing models. Big Wheel feeders are also available for ad-lib sow feeding and bulk feeding of hogs in hoop buildings or outdoor lots. The Osborne Pivot Feeder is also a viable option for ad-lib sow feeding. It’s unique design allows sows to dispense fresh feed and eat in the same location. We also offer stainless steel rectangular hog feeders for wean-to-finish applications.

I want to provide the best ventilation system, how is AGRI-AIDE Ventilation the most effective system for hog barns?

Osborne offers a complete line of ventilation equipment that help keep hog confinement buildings safe for both animals and those who care for them. Along with our ventilation design staff, we can create a custom ventilation system for any type of building that includes fans, inlets, shutters and more. Contact Osborne Customer Service to learn more about our capabilities in hog building ventilation.

I have made a purchase, how can I track my order?

You can track your order easily. You simply login in to your account and you can track any order placed on the website from there. If you continue to have trouble accessing your order tracking, feel free to contact one of our representatives at 1-800-255-0316.

What is Osborne Industries’ return policy?

At Osborne Industries, we believe that your satisfaction is just as important to us as the quality of our products. If, however, you need to return a defective or damaged good, please complete the Return Materials Report (RMR) form, or download the PDF, so that we may take corrective action as soon as possible. Go to our Return Policy page for more information about the process.