Introducing SaFIRE small pig performance testing system

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SaFIRE Pig Performance Testing System

Small Animal Performance Testing System

Leveraging the technology of the industry-leading Osborne FIRE pig performance testing system, SaFIRE accurately automates the measurement of individual feed intake and ADG of pigs from 6 to 23 kg (14 to 50 lbs.)

Use SaFIRE to better understand how the performance of small animals correlates with their performance in the finishing cycle. Get critical performance data and:

  • Identify superior-performing animals earlier
  • Test feed and additives and how they affect growth and eating habits
  • Collect and monitor data in real time

System Components

SaFIRE Feeder
Ad-Lib Feeder

SaFIRE Weigh Race
Weigh Race

WinFIRE RT Software
WinFIRE RT Software

With small pigs, accuracy matters. The design and position of SaFIRE’s feed trough and load cell minimizes interference and keeps the trough in optimal position for weighing accuracy within 1% of actual weights, while accurate system controls and software work together to continually record and transfer data, providing the critical data you need in real time.

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