How Automatic Pig Feeding Systems Improve the Bottom Line

Sows in Accu-Team Feeding System

Pig producers face a lot of challenges. In North America, specifically, there are 70% fewer pig farms today than in the year 2000.  As feed costs rise while global demand for animal protein increases, pig farmers must produce more pork with fewer resources. Automatic pig feeding systems are a large part of the solution, as they bring increased efficiency, convenience and control to the feeding process. Osborne’s TEAM system is aptly named, as it provides “Total Electronic Animal Management.” The TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) system allows for individual management of sows and gilts in group pens. Here are some of the many benefits of automatic pig feeding with electronic sow feeders:

Happier Pigs

Pigs enjoy more freedom when they are not confined individually. With a TEAM electronic sow feeding system, pigs can exercise and choose their own feeding schedule, leading to less anxiety, stress, and aggression. Pigs are more docile and easier to approach when there is no competition for food. In addition, an automatic feeding system gives farmers the ability to adjust feed composition depending on each individual animal’s needs.

Efficient Cost Management

Automated feeding also helps control expenses. The new ACCU-TEAM feeder incorporates both feeding and weighing into the ESF system. Each pig wears a unique identification (RFID) tag that identifies the animal in the feeder. The automated feeder then dispenses the exact amount of feed needed for each animal, helping manage ever-rising feed costs. The weighing components record the pig’s weight as they feed, and the data can be analyzed for making real-time management decisions. Additionally, the cost of ESF equipment is less than installing individual crates and takes up less overall space.

Convenient Operations

With an automatic pig feeding system, more pigs can be managed with less labor. Each TEAM or ACCU-TEAM station can accommodate up to 70 sows or gilts, with entrance and exit gates that allow the pigs to come and go as they please.  The individual ID tags operate by radio frequency, allowing for a variety of automated tasks.


Automatic Pig Feeders – Where to Begin?

To learn how converting to a TEAM ESF system can increase the efficiency and profitability of your facility, contact the expert team at Osborne. We would be pleased to answer any questions about automatic pig feeding systems and help you choose the best system for improving your bottom line!