The Benefits of Portable Livestock Weighing Scales

Analytics play such a prominent role in measuring herd performance on commercial farms that the data collected on livestock can be used to improve productivity and make informed management decisions. Nowhere has this become more evident than the data collected in weighing livestock. It has proven so beneficial for farmers that portable livestock weighing scales have become an integral part of every successful farming operation.

Why Livestock Scales?

Utilizing data collected from monitoring weight can be applied to a variety of purposes including:

  • Estimating feed quantities
  • Adjusting weaning weights
  • Measuring animal growth to herd condition
  • Production and efficiency
  • Monitoring pregnancy, health, nutrition and genetics

For commercial herds, weighing methods must be accurate in order for herds to remain productive and thrive. One of the main inputs in breeding stock for pig production, whether breeding, weaning, and growing or finishing, are measured by weight. As a performance measure of success, knowing that your animal has enough water to remain properly hydrated and the correct amount of protein and energy to meet nutritional needs, can most efficiently be met by monitoring weight.

Benefits of Portable Livestock Weighing Scales

Livestock weighing scales may be one of the most important investments for farmers of any size herd. Accurate weighing before market ensures the maximum return on every animal. Having accurate scales is an imperative that will improve the efficiency and production of the operation. The weighing equipment must yield accurate results to maximize profits. Livestock scales can help you ensure that you receive consistent and highly accurate measurements, especially if they are properly calibrated and maintained.

Accurate Performance Evaluations

portable livestock weighingAccurate scales provide performance evaluation throughout the stages of life for your livestock. Measuring weight allows evaluation of feedstuffs through weight gain and other related factors like adjusted weaning weights, average daily weight gain, or weight per day of age. Accurate scales make sure that the overall herd is getting the optimum diet, but also that each animal in the herd is, too. The correct amount of feed for each head of livestock is based on the animal’s weight. Too much is feed wasted—or not enough—can mean poor performance or even the loss of animals, in either case, affecting your bottom line.

Precise Livestock Data

Farm managers and livestock producers need to look no further than Osborne’s innovative ACCU-ARM® Scales to ensure that the data they are collecting on their herds is precise and accurate. At Osborne, long service and dependable accuracy is the trademark of the ACCU-ARM Scales. These animal-friendly scales accurately weigh livestock easily and quickly in a variety of settings. Whether at testing facilities or for commercial production, the scale’s system of precision levers reduce sway and bounce and make the scale completely cable-free. Reduced movement of the scale, owing to a network of sway bars, makes weighing of livestock far more accurate (to < 1% accuracy with digital scale meter) and far less stressful for the animals and those weighing them.

Osborne’s portable ACCU-ARM Scale also plays an important role in the livestock show circuit, as well. ACCU-ARM Scales have been used for decades for livestock shows, county fairs, 4-H clubs and the like for their accuracy in weighing show pigs, show lambs, show goats and show calves.

portable livestock weighing scalesCollecting accurate weights of livestock is a significant part of managing any successful operation. The data collected can help farmers improve herd productivity and efficiency. Weight analytics is made that much easier with Osborne’s “rock solid” ACCU-ARM Scales. Guaranteed to deliver fast, accurate, and stress-free weighing of livestock throughout all stages of an animal’s life cycle, ACCU-ARM will help ensure the success of your herd.

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