New NeX Eco Farm Features Electronic Sow Feeding

NeX Eco Agriculture Technologies, Inc. started populating a new 1,300-sow production unit, Feng Tang farm, in February 2009. The NeX Eco production unit is located near the city of Chenzhou in the southern part of Hunan province, the second-largest hog producing province in China. This electronic sow management production unit is fully automated, environmentally friendly, and features the technologically advanced Total Electronic Animal Management (TEAM®) Group Sow Management System manufactured by Osborne Industries of Osborne, Kansas, U.S.A.

The Osborne TEAM system is the acknowledged standard for automated feed and estrous management of group-housed sows. The animal-friendly TEAM System provides effective monitoring and management of individual animals housed in groups. TEAM G-stations feed each animal as an individual, and TEAM E-stations collect estrous information on individual animals.

NeX Eco is a coordinated agricultural company based in China involved in feed manufacturing and livestock production, with future plans for the marketing of agricultural products. NeX Eco was founded as part of the JiuDing Technology Group in November 2007 and plans to grow production to an annual output of six million market hogs per year, between company-owned animals and alliance farms, within the next 5 years.

As a part of their strategy to become a leading producer of pork in China, NeX Eco is installing Osborne Industries’ Feed Intake Recording Equipment (FIRE®) system on another farm, JiuDing Experiment Farm, in the Chenzhou area. The FIRE system automates the measurement of individual daily feed intake and other performance characteristics of growing animals for genetic, feed, and pharmaceutical testing. NeX Eco will use the FIRE system to facilitate performance testing of PIC® finishing hogs in groups of 240 animals. This FIRE system has shipped from Osborne’s manufacturing facility in the U.S. and is scheduled for installation at the farm upon arrival in early spring.

NeX Eco’s TEAM and FIRE systems were sold and are being installed by Osborne Livestock Technology Company, a subsidiary company of Osborne Industries, Inc., located in Shanghai, China. Osborne Industries is a diversified developer and manufacturer of advanced livestock management equipment and custom-engineered systems, located in Osborne, Kansas, U.S.A. For more information about electronic sow management with the TEAM and FIRE Systems, contact us today.