Notice of Product Discontinuation & Replacement: B310 Circuit Board

Date of Issue: July 15, 2020 – Product support and repair of Model B310 circuit boards (Osborne part number KI-00B310) utilized in the Integrated Function Controllers (IFCs) of Osborne automated feeding and weighing equipment (TEAM, FIRE, and/or Survey Scales) will be discontinued as of August 15, 2020.

Model B310 circuit boards were discontinued over 12 years ago, and several replacement parts and components required for repairs have been discontinued by our vendor(s).

If systems still utilizing the Model B310 IFC boards fail after August 15, 2020, the board can be replaced with the current Model B401 IFC PCB (Osborne part number KI-00B401). Please contact Osborne Technical Service for assistance in determining the model of board your systems are using.

While we regret any potential inconvenience this announcement may cause, we know these electronics have had a very long and useful life in a very challenging environment. We are pleased to have an alternative solution in place to ensure these automated systems continue to serve our customers for years to come.

For additional information or to contact Osborne Technical Service, please contact us.