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How Automatic Pig Feeding Systems Improve the Bottom Line

Sows in Accu-Team Feeding System

Pig producers face a lot of challenges. In North America, specifically, there are 70% fewer pig farms today than in the year 2000.  As feed costs rise while global demand for animal protein increases, pig farmers must produce more pork with fewer resources. Automatic pig feeding systems are a large part of the solution, as…

ESF: A Practical Answer for Group Housing Issue

ESF: A practical answer for group housing issue

Originally published in Pig Progress Special Edition on Sow Management, November 2013 Osborne Industries, Inc. – Osborne, Kansas – It is well-known many fast food chains and consumer driven organisations are announcing their opposition to purchasing pork from producers who use gestation stalls. Specifically, in 2012, McDonald’s USA announced that by 2022 they will no…