Technology License Agreement Improves European Pig Production

Osborne Industries, Inc. and W. Domino A/S sign agreement to capture unique value of both organizations.

May 7, 2010 – Osborne Industries, located in Osborne, Kansas, U.S.A., announced that they have reached an agreement with W. Domino A/S, located in Tørring, Denmark, allowing Domino to market pig sorting scales in Europe utilizing Osborne’s patented Weight Watcher Growth Management System.

Osborne Industries’ patented technology provides complete growth management of finishing pigs in large pens by sorting pigs by weight as they cross the scale to get from water to feed. The capability to sort pigs into groups facilitates targeted feeding based on weight allowing lighter weight pigs to be fed a different ration than the heavier pigs. This provides for more efficient feed utilization, reducing weight variation and feed cost. This system allows the farm to increase the annual throughput of pigs through the finishing barn and market more pounds of pork from the barn each year.

In addition, Osborne Industries’ patented technology allows a pig producer to automatically divert pigs into different pens based on pre-determined weights. This saves time and labor when it is time to market the pigs, and reduces weight variation on each truckload. Sort loss and price discounts that packers as- sess for variations in pig weights are also minimized.

Additional advantages to using Osborne Industries’ patented technology include the ability to review animal activity and environmental conditions, spot growth trends, monitor weight distribution, and fore- cast the date that a specific number of pigs will be ready for market.

“A new era has dawned in the production of pigs as the result of a working partnership between Osborne Industries and W. Domino A/S” says Steve Langley, president of Osborne Industries. “This agreement will help pork producers in Europe take advantage of the unique value of both organizations.”

“For more than 30 years, W. Domino A/S has specialized in the production of high value products such as feeders, drinking bowls, troughs, and other equipment used for pig and calf production” according to Allan Trøjborg, Managing Director of W. Domino A/S. “Both Osborne Industries and W. Domino A/S provide products to pig producers that increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase productivity. Osborne’s and Domino’s products complement each other well, as do the cultures of each organization. Both companies have a long history of innovation and leadership, and focus on customer satisfaction.” These two industry leaders will continue to work together to identify optimal solutions for efficient pig production and create streamlined management technology that will impact producers’ bottom line in a positive manner.

Since 1973, Osborne Industries has been the industry leader in the development, design, and manufac- ture of innovative livestock production equipment designed to facilitate informed management deci- sions, increase operational efficiency, and improve producer profit. Osborne Industries is well known for manufacturing traditional livestock equipment such as feeders, heating pads, ventilation systems, and portable scales, and is the worldwide leader in the design and sales of automated livestock management equipment for large group sow management systems, feed intake and performance testing equipment, and automated growth management systems for livestock.

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