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The ACCU-TEAM (Total Electronic Animal Management) Station is an electronic sow feeding (ESF) and weighing system. The station uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identifcation) technology to individually feed, manage, and weigh gestating sows and gilts without individual confinement. Freedom to exercise, freedom to choose eating schedule without anxiety or aggression from other animals, and better control of animal condition means sows and gilts are docile, easy to approach, and less stressed when compared to animals kept in gestation stalls. The weighing platform features Osborne’s time-tested and proven ACCU-ARM weighing system for precision and reliability. A sensitive, industrial strength load cell and electronic components records individual body weights as sows and gilts are eating, until the information is transferred to a personal computer with TEAM software. Feeding and weighing information can be reviewed to make informed management decisions.

RFID tags on each animal identifies it to the station which dispenses the precise amount of feed for each specific animal. Entrance and exit gates gives sows and gilts time to eat her meal without competition from other animals. An adjustable amount of water is delivered during the meal to encourage cleanup and shorten eating time.


Catalog Number FG-TG3000
Finish Galvanized and Stainless Steel Metal Parts
Osborne RTM-Glas Fiberglass Feed Hopper
pDCPD Plastic Feed Trough
Exit 120° Exit Race
Capacity* 60-70 Sows or Gilts
Electronics ISO FDX-B
Software Application TEAM® for Microsoft® Windows®
KP-AW100 Spray Marker Kit
Used to visually identify animals for special attentions.
FG-TG2026 Second Feed Hopper Kit
Feeds animals two rations during the feed cycle. Each hopper holds 149 lbs.+ (68 kg) of feed.
KG-G27000 Divert Gate Kit
Provides two exits from the G-Station.
One exit returns animals to herd, one exit diverts animals to separate pen.

* Capacity varies depending upon application, layout and animal behavior.
+ Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.