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Duct Fan 10″

SKU: FV-DF1000
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Osborne’s 10-inch duct fan is perfect for pit ventilation or special tasks when rooms are not available for the use of wall fans. The fan readily adapts to PVC pit pump-out pipes for pit ventilation or can be used to move air through manifold ducts.

The 10-inch duct fan features:

  • Totally enclosed, thermally protected, heavy-duty, variable speed 1/6 HP motor.
  • Cast aluminum propellers withstand abrasive environments.
  • Standard PVC housing with straight tube.
  • External, water-tight plastic electrical connection box with capacitor.

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Catalog Number FV-DF1000
Fan Type Variable Speed
Normal Speed 3450 RPM
Voltage 120/240 VAC
Power 1/6 HP (0.12 kW)
Diameter 9.75 in. (248 mm)
Max Airflow 1169 CFM at 0.125 in. w.g.
Shipping Weight 20 lbs. (10 kg)