Farrowing Stall

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Powder-coated to limit rust, these all new farrowing stalls are available in multiple sizes and feature different flooring options, perfectly matching your specifications. Preferred laying areas for piglets on Osbornes Stanfield Heat Pads allow sows to remain cool and create a zone of comfort for growing piglets. Animal comfort is maximized with a two-piece cast iron system under sows which provides sure footing.


Dimensions 5 x 7 ft. up to 6 x 8 ft. (1.5 x 2.1 m up to 1.8 x 2.4 m) Other sizes available upon request.
Sow Flooring Two-piece cast iron system
Creep Area Flooring Interlocking plastic
Galvanized steel with recessed area for heat pad
Stall Construction Powder-coated steel
Sow Feeders Multiple options in ad-lib feeding
Big Wheel Feeders or Osborne Pivot Feeder