High-Pressure Exhaust Fan, 8″

SKU: FV-HP0800
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This discontinued 8-inch high-pressure fan is ideal for pit ventilation. A special, high-pressure motor and heavy-duty propellers provide its high-pressure capabilities. Easily mounts to pit fan enclosures, also available from Osborne.

This fan features an enclosed, thermally protected, heavy-duty, auto-reset motor. Osborne-engineered RTM-Glas fiberglass-reinforced plastic housings will not warp or sag.

Limited quantities available. Contact Osborne for availability and shipping quote.


HP Fan Specifications
Catalog Number FV-HP0800
Fan Type Variable speed
Nominal Speed 3450 RPM
Voltage 120/204V
Power 1/6 HP
Fan Diameter 7.75 in. (197 mm)