One-Way Gate (Discontinued)

SKU: FS-SS0510
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The purpose of the One-Way Gate is to ensure animals pass through the Survey Scale when entering the feeding pen in a Weight Watcher Growth Management System. Once inside the feeding pen, animals have one-way access back to the water pen, but must pass through the Survey Scale to return back inside the feeding pen.

This One-Way Gates is available with hot-dip galvanized steel finish. A training lock is included to hold U-rods in open position during animal training. Product is discontinued and replaced with FS-SS0520 (Double-Door One Way Gate). Contact Osborne for availability and discounted price.


Catalog Number FS-SS0510
Finish Hot-Dip Galvanized Metal Parts
Length 32 in. (81 cm)
Width 18 in. (43 cm)
Height 35 in. (89 cm)
Note* 2-4 required per Survey Scale
* Number of One-Way Gates depend on number of animals per system.