Pivot Feeder Lever, 20A

Category: SKU: KF-S20001


The Osborne Pivot Feeder is a cost-saving ad-libitum lactation feeder that readily retrofits to existing stainless steel bowls. Each feeder body comes with a choice lever arm (price included with the feeder), available in multiple sizes and configurations.

The 20A-Series Pivot Feeder Lever is designed for use in a 20-in. high bowl. Construction is combination steel and 304 stainless steel with a white gloss enamel finish.


Catalog Number KF-S20001
Model Number 20A
Sow Bowl Height 20 in. (50.8 cm)
Paddle Location Top
Construction Painted steel rod, stainless steel mounting
bracket and paddle
Required Components Osborne Pivot Feeder (FF-00S200)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Pivot Feeder reduce feed waste?
    While the Pivot Feeder is an ad-libitum, mechanical feeding system for lactating sows, its unique feature is in the design of the feeder’s dispensing mechanism or lever arm. As sows use their snouts to “pivot” the lever arm back and forth, the feed being dispensed into the bowl below begins to cover the lever. The more feed covering the lever arm, the more difficult it becomes for animals to continue “pivoting” the lever to dispense additional feed. Of course, there could always be problem sows that continually activate the dispensing lever, even with a full feed bowl, simply by playing. No feeder can fully eliminate waste when it comes to playful sows.
  2. What is the capacity of the feed hopper kit?
    A feed hopper kit is available for the Pivot Feeder and has a capacity of approximately 25 lbs. (11 kg) of feed. The hopper kit is appropriate when tracking feed consumption on select animals.
  3. Can the Pivot Feeder retrofit to existing stainless steel bowls in farrowing stall head gates?
    Yes. The Pivot Feeder readily retrofits to existing bowls. Fasteners are included for attaching the Pivot Feeder to existing bowls with every purchase.
  4. How do I know which lever arm to choose?
    To determine the right lever arm for existing bowls, simply measure the height of the bowl to determine the proper length of lever arm needed. Lever arms are available in 16, 20, and 24″ heights and in multiple configurations to perfectly match a variety of bowls.