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RO25 Outdoor Bulk Feeder

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The Osborne RO25 Big Wheel Bulk Feeder provides fresh feed on demand for growing pigs in outdoor lots or hoop-building production.

Our feeders are engineered to improve feed-to-gain ratios while radically reducing waste. The round trough provides pigs with a less stressful eating experience and 360° access to feed. Plugging is not a problem, even after heavy rains, because the self-cleaning action of the feeder always keeps feed flowing.

Big Wheel Feeders are manufactured with Osborne engineered, reinforced RTM-Glas fiberglass hoppers and troughs, and all lower metal parts are hot-dipped galvanized to help slow corrosion. The RO25 Feeder does not require a lid or expansion rings.


Catalog Number FF-0RO25K
Model Number RO25
Feed Capacity* 0.65 T (0.59 tonnes)
Height 44 in. (122 cm)
Trough Diameter 55.5 in. (141 cm)
Hog Weight 50 lbs. (23 kg) to market
Hog Capacity Up to 90 head
Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.