Single-Space Sow Feeder, S100

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Ad-libitum feeding for lactating sows is necessary to maximize productivity. Big Wheel Feeders for lactating sows keeps fresh, palatable feed in front of animals to maximize intake. Feed waste is minimized with the feeder’s mechanical-flow, controlled delivery method.

The S100 Big Wheel Sow Feeder is manufactured with high quality materials, including a fiberglass-reinforced trough, galvanized steel protective back plate, and high density, translucent polyethylene calibrated hopper for manually tracking feed consumption. Ships fully assembled and ready to install.


Catalog Number FF-00S100
Model Number S100
Feed Capacity* 43 lbs. (19 kg)
Height 36.5 in. (92.7 cm)

Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does mechanical feed flow mean and how does it reduce waste?
    The signature feature of Osborne’s Big Wheel Feeder design is its mechanical-flow feed delivery system. This means animals – not gravity – dispense the feed they need, and no more, which drastically reduces waste. Traditional feeders typically rely on gravity for feed to transfer from the feed hopper to the trough area. This design requires lots of manual adjustments as pigs grow and lots of overfilled troughs and waste. Big Wheel Feeders eliminate gravity flow by design. A unique system of parts inside the feed hopper stop gravity flow and requires animals to dispense the feed they need ad libitum. Overloading waste is eliminated by preventing feed dispensing when the trough is full.
  2. How do I teach pigs to use the “Big Wheel”?
    Animals quickly learn through play that the feed wheel in the trough area has to be rotated or moved back and forth for feed to dispense from the hopper. Big Wheel Feeder users typically fill the trough manually when first introducing animals to the feeder. As the first trough full is eaten, sows naturally begin playing and interacting with the wheel and quickly discover it helps in directing the feed to the outer trough area where it can be more easily consumed.
  3. How do I install a Big Wheel Sow Feeder onto the head gate of an existing farrowing stall?
    The back panel of each Big Wheel Lactation Feeder includes holes for mounting the feeder in existing head gates. Osborne can also custom design attachment brackets by special order, which we have done for dozens of Big Wheel customers.