S110 Single-Space Sow Feeder

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Ad-libitum feeding for lactating sows is necessary to maximize productivity. The Osborne Big Wheel S110 Feeder keeps fresh, palatable feed in front of sows to maximize intake. Feed waste is minimized with the feeder’s controlled delivery method.

The S110 Big Wheel Sow Feeder is manufactured with high quality materials, including Osborne engineered, reinforced RTM-Glas fiberglass trough, galvanized steel back plate, and clear drop tube for automatic refilling with a flex auger feed delivery system.

The S110 Feeder ships fully assembled and ready to install.



Catalog Number FF-00S110
Model Number S110
Feed Capacity* 11 lbs. (5 kg)
Height 40.5 in. (102.9 cm)
Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.