Slant Wall Fan 12″, 1221 CFM

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Osborne’s AGRI-AIDE Slant Wall Fans expel condensation from buildings while keeping interior walls free of obstructions. The “slanted” design effectively exhausts corrosive gases while allowing condensation build-up to drip outside of buildings and away from animals. Easy-to-clean and maintain, Osborne Slant Wall fans offer a lifetime of service.

The 12″ Slant Wall fan features:

  • Totally enclosed, thermally protected, heavy-duty, variable speed 1/6 HP motor.
  • Polypropylene fan propellers with replaceable blades.
  • Nickel-plated motor mount and front blade guard in radial design for less air restriction.
  • Plastic shutters and lightweight poly blades on fiberglass rod pivots.
  • Osborne RTM-Glas fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing that is absolutely rigid, impact resistant, and cannot rust or corrode.

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Catalog Number FV-SW1211V
Fan Type Variable Speed
Normal Speed 1725 RPM
Voltage 120/240 VAC
Power 1/6 HP (0.12 kW)
Diameter 12 in. (305 mm)
Max Airflow 1221 CFM at 0.125 in. w.g.
Shipping Weight 35 lbs. (16 kg)