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Standard 42″ Wean to Finish Feeder

SKU: FF-WF42-223
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Osborne Rectangular Feeders are constructed with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel or equivalent. Solid welded construction ensures durable, long-lasting performance, and roll-hemmed edges provide extra strength with no sharp edges.

Solid divider panels with pre-drilled holes allow for splitting the feeder among sort and growing pens. Simple adjustment system keeps animals from resetting the feeder.

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Catalog Number FF-WF42-223
Model Number WF42-223
Style Double-Sided
16 Guage 304 Stainless Steel Parts
Trough Spaces 3
Trough Space Width 14 in. (35.5 cm)
Trough Space Height 4.5 in. (11 cm)
Feed Capacity* 338 lbs. (176 kg)
Length 42 in. (107 cm)
Width 25 in. (64 cm)
Height 34 in. (86 cm)
Drop Tube Brackets 1
Hog Capacity+ 42

* Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.
+ Hog capacity based on 1 pig per 2 in. of trough length.