TEAM D-Station (Parallel Exit)

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The TEAM (Total Electronic Animal Management) D-Station is the “rock solid” station used to divert sows and gilts into separate pens in group-housing systems. The D-Station is used with the complete TEAM System, when it is required to divert animals from the main herd into a separate pen without individually seeking and sorting animals manually. Using the TEAM Software, a divert “action” can be set for a specific animal or group of animals. Sows and gilts in the “divert pen” can be separated for specifc actions, such as pregnancy checking, vaccination or treatment, or moved to farrowing.

RFID tags on each animal identifies it to the D-Station which diverts sows and gilts back to the main herd or into a separate pen. Solid entrance and exit gates allow animals to pass easily through the station. The D-Station is one of the most rugged diverting stations available. It’s “rock solid” design withstands years of abuse from large animals.


Catalog Number FG-TD2100
Finish Galvanized Steel Metal Parts
Exit Parallel Exit Races
Capacity* 500 sows or gilts
Electronics ISO FDX-B
Software Application TEAM® for Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, or Windows 7
KP-AW100 TEAM Spray Marker Kit
Used to visually identify animals for special attentions.

* Capacity varies depending upon system application, layout and animal behavior.