Wind Diverter 20″

Category: SKU: FV-WDK020


Block wind pressure without interfering with exhaust rates with a Wind Diverter Kit for your exhaust fans. Unique cone design allows exhausted air to exit the fan freely while blocking oncoming wind pressure, especially important in winter when fans are running at minimum speed. Oncoming wind accelerates around the wind diverter, actually “sweeping” exhausted air with it, and often improves fan performance. Made of strong, non-porous, engineered fiberglass-reinforced composite, Osborne’s Wind Diverter Kits will protect your fans for years.

The 20″ Wind Diverter Kit includes 25-in. diameter cone and universal mounting hardware. Adaptable to 20″ Slant Wall Fans and a variety of fans produced by other manufacturers. Pictured with fan, not included. Protects both round (up to 23-in.) and square (up to 16.25-in.) fan hoods.


Construction Fiberglass reinforced composite with aluminum/SS mounting hardware
Cone Diameter 25.00 in. (635 mm)
Largest Round Fan Hood Protected 23.00 in. (584 mm)
Largest Square Fan Hood Protected 16.25 in. (413 mm)
Weight 8.0 lbs. (3.6 kg)



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