Osborne Livestock Equipment

Since 1973, Osborne Industries, Inc., has been a global leader in the design and development of innovative livestock and pig production equipment designed to facilitate informed management decisions, increase operational efficiency and improve producer profit. Get started with us and learn more about our American-made livestock equipment by browsing our products below.

Heat Mats

Stanfield heat mats are the safe and efficient alternative to dangerous and unreliable heating lamps for a variety of animal species including newborn and growing livestock, pets, and exotic animals. Browse our selection of energy-saving heat mats, controls, and accessories, and provide your animals with the right amount of heat exactly where it is needed.

Feeding Equipment

Feed is often the highest input cost in raising livestock. Eliminate waste and ensure pigs – not the pit – are being fed with Osborne’s full line of automatic Big Wheel Feeders and Electronic Sow Feeders (ESF) for group housing. Browse our full selection of automatic feeders to select the perfect option for your farm.

Farrowing House

Although the Hog Hut may look like the old-fashioned wooden farrowing huts used by farmers decades ago, these portable, fully-insulated farrowing houses include several features that improve longevity and reduce labor when it comes to regenerative pig farming. Take the worry out of outdoor farrowing with the Osborne Hog Hut.

Bin Agitators

Flow Pro is a bulk feed bin agitator that eliminates feed bridging and ensures first-in, first-out feed flow. High moisture and high-fat feeds are no match for Flow Pro’s gentle agitation system that automatically activates with automatic feed systems. No impacts. No high-frequency vibrations.


Accurately and efficiently weigh a pigs, sheep, goats, and calves with Osborne's line of small animal portable livestock scales and learn more about our feature-loaded automatic sorting scale system for large pen finishing. 

Ventilation Equipment

Create healthy and productive livestock and animal care facilities with Osborne's full line of AGRI-AIDE ventilation products and accessories. Browse our selection of exhaust and circulation fans, fresh air intakes, and controls and accessories, or contact our ventilation experts for more information on custom-designed, world-class ventilation systems.

Performance Testing 

Automatically collect feed intake and growth data for pigs, sheep, and goats with Osborne's FIRE technology, the global standard in performance testing. Now available for small animals for the first time ever, FIRE and SaFIRE provides the data you need for improved genetic and animal management decision making.