Weather Hoods & Pit Fan Elbows

Weather Hoods and Pit Fan Elbows

The Osborne AGRI-AIDE® fiberglass elbow has been specifically designed to be used as either a weather hood or a pit-fan transition. The non-porous fiberglass construction prevents dust accumulation. Osborne AGRI-AIDE elbows do not become brittle in the cold like other plastics, and they hold their shape in the heat. Adaptable to many fans, the elbow replaces many metal hoods and pit fan transitions for years of service.

How it works

Improve fan performance with Osborne’s all-weather pit fan elbows and weather hoods. Strong, Osborne-engineered RTM-Glas™ fiberglass reinforced plastic construction means there is nothing to rust or corrode, even around highly corrosive gasses. Unlike cheap plastics, Osborne’s non-porous fiberglass and plastic construction never becomes brittle in the cold and never “sags” in the heat. With many sizes to choose from, Osborne pit fan elbows and weather hoods not only fit Osborne fans, but many other models available.

Features & Benefits
  • All RTM-Glas™ fiberglass reinforced plastic construction
  • Non-porous surfaces aren’t affected by corrosive gasses, wind or dust
  • No rust, no corroding
  • Never warps or becomes brittle