e-Vent Integrated Controls

e-Vent Integrated Controls

The simplicity of the e-VENT™ family of controls creates a user-friendly, easy to use, complete ventilation control.

How it Works

The fully functional family of e-VENT™ controls can be programmed to have up to 11 different, preprogramed stages, making it versatile enough to meet any need. e-VENT controls maximize the integration and control of a complete ventilation system. Exhaust and circulation fans, heaters, air conditioners, misters, and curtains can all be integrated into one, complete ventilation control, thus ensuring safe, comfortable animal growth. Because the family of e-VENT controls is completely customizable, contact Osborne Customer Service or your Osborne Sales Representative about customizing a model to match your requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Up to 3 Variable Speed Stages
  • EnergyMizer™ option for integrating air conditioning
  • Up to 8 on/off stages (optional heating, cooling, misting, curtain, AC, alarm)
  • Simple 2-knob data entry function
  • Automatic temperature ramping
  • High/low temperature tracking and auto-off feature protects animals from chilling if the temperature drops too low
  • PowerUp™ feature starts fans at full speed to open iced-over shutters or to overcome motor starting resistance
  • Testing Mode (each stage may be individually checked)
  • Lock-Out feature prevents unauthorized changes after the control is set



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