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Handheld Readers

The Osborne ID Logger™ is an ergonomically designed, easy to grasp RFID tag reader that automates data collection. The balanced weight of the ID Logger helps keep the reader steady when reading the RFID tracking. Lookup current information and status of animals with a short, simple scan of the animal’s RFID tag. Data is easily uploaded to the TEAM® Software. Short and long antennas are included with each ID Logger allowing for the identification of animals up to 20 inches (51 cm). A tone signal and green LED light indicates when a tag has been read. The Osborne ID Logger reads ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B tags and has 512 kB of memory.

Features & Benefits
  • Capture data as action occurs
  • Eliminate paper notes which can cause data transcription errors
  • Lightweight and easy to grasp
  • Large, bright LCD display
  • Designed for use in corrosive barn environments
  • Increase tag reading distances with interchangeable antennas (included)
  • For use with the Osborne TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System

Osborne Electronic Identification Reader

FI-00L500FI-00L500ID Logger Kit

Includes: ISO ID Logger with 512K memory, long and short antennas, charger and data link cable.

Accessories and Replacement Parts
KI-050007KI-050007Long Antenna
KI-050008KI-050008Short Antenna
KI-055001Charger with Data Link Cable
KI-057007KI-057007Rechargeable Replacement Battery

Osborne ID Logger Specifications: English | Spanish