Swine RFID Tags

Swine RFID Tags
How It Works

e.Tags® use universally recognized radio frequency technology to assign unique 15-digit identification numbers that allow for the immediate identification of pigs. e.Tags can be read by ISO compliant readers in milliseconds from up to four feet (1.2 meters) away. RFID tracking tags can be used with either a standard large rectangular male pin (for sows) or small, round male pin (for pigs).

Features & Benefits
  • Full duplex (FXD-B) RFID tags can be read in milliseconds
  • ISO-compliant (operate at 134.2 kHz frequency)
  • USDA and ICAR approved
  • Large rectangular male pin or small round male pin holds tag in place
  • Bright yellow tags are easy to see
  • Air coil and electronic components are molded and permanently sealed into durable, high-grade polyurethane plastic
  • Superior cold-weather application
Osborne Electronic Identification Tags
etag-150x150KI-00T183e.Tag®, Destron Fearing® ISO FDX RFID Tag
small_male_pin1-150x150KI-00T185Small Round Male Pin (used with e.Tag® RFID Tag KI-00T180)
large_rectangular_male_pin-150x150KP-AB430Large Rectangular Male Pin (used with e.Tag® RFID Tag KI-00T180)
tag_applicator_tool-150x150KI-00T190e.Tag® Tag Applicator Tool (used with e.Tag® RFID Tag and Small Round Male Pin or Large Rectangular Male Pin)
tag_applicator_tool_replace-150x150KI-00T195Tag Applicator Tool Pin (Replacement Pin for Tag Applicator Tool)

RFID Swine Tag Specifications: English | Spanish