FIRE Pig Feeder

FIRE Performance Testing System

The all new Osborne Mark IV FIRE® (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) Feeder is a single-space ad-libitum feeder that serves 12 to 15 animals without feed restriction. Free access to feed is permitted at all times. Refilling and feed weighing never interrupt eating as with other testing systems.


fire-feederThe Mark IV FIRE Feeder is constructed with all new components and high quality materials. The new feed saver front panel is molded with impact- and corrosion-resistant pDCPD thermoset plastic and features a turned-over lip to minimize feed spillage underneath the trough. A new trough alignment and stabilization system also makes the Mark IV FIRE system the most reliable and accurate performance testing system available.

The feed trough, made of Osborne’s proprietary RTM-Glas fiberglass-reinforced plastic, is suspended on a sensitive load cell that weighs the trough and feed. The feed hopper holds approximately 108 lbs.* (49 kg) of feed.

The trough mount and load cell are protected by an isolation mechanism and a sturdy enclosure that houses a highly accurate feed dispensing system. FIRE automatically stores the time and duration of each visit, along with the weight of feed consumed. This information is transferred to your computer in real-time and is used to generate management reports or studied in relation to environmental, genetic, and nutritional variables.

* Approximate feed capacity based on feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.

Features & Benefits
  • Completely automates the measurement of individual feed intake
  • Accurate commercial production simulation
  • More accurate than manual testing animals in single pens
  • Eliminates data collection errors and operator bias
  • Effectively tests pigs, sheep, and goats
  • Separate, sensitive load cells weigh feed
  • ALL NEW feed saver front panel minimizes feed spillage under the trough
  • ALL NEW trough alignment and stabilization system for the most accurate data
FIRE Feeder
Description Finish Dimensions
in. (cm)
FR-000FD5 Mark IV FIRE Feeder Hot-dipped Galvanized 27 x 26 x 54 3/8
(68.6 x 66 x 138)
FIRE Feeder Accessories
Description Notes
KR-FFD414 FIRE Feeder Lift Kit Required if using Feeder with Weigh Race
Note:Raises Feeder off ground away from debris for more accurate weighing


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