FIRE Protective Pig Races

FIRE Performance Testing System

fire_app2Various protective races are available for the FIRE Feeder. While FIRE may be used as a stand-alone ad-lib feeder, protective races reduce the chance dominate animals might produce atypical results during a test. The protective races, ranging from shoulder-length races, to races with integrated animal scales, provide protection as each individual animal visits the FIRE Feeder to eat. Race widths are easily adjusted to match the average size of animals in the pen. Each race helps FIRE Feeders simulate commercial, multi-opening feeders more accurately.

How it Works

FIRE Feeder

Shoulder Race
Shoulder Race
The shoulder race provides limited protection from other animals by shielding the head and shoulders.
Full-Body Race
Full Body Race
The Full-Body Race, or long race, limits competition more than the shoulder race by shielding the animal’s entire body.
ACCU-ARM® Weight Race
Weight Race
The ACCU-ARM® Weigh Race is a full-body race with an integrated animal scale. With the Weigh Race, daily median animal weights, weight gain, and feed-to-gain efficiencies can be measured daily or over time.
FIRE Protective Races
in. (cm)
FR-000RC3Shoulder RaceGalvanized
Adjustable Side Panels
5-1/4 to 20-1/4 x 18-1/2 x 30-3/8
(13.3 to 51.4 x 47 x 77)
FR-000RC2Long RaceGalvanized
Adjustable Side Panels
5-1/4 to 20-1/4 x 41 x 31-1/2
(13.3 to 51.4 x 104 x 82.6)
FS-000FS5Osborne ACCU-ARM Weigh Race
(Requires Feeder Lift Kit for FIRE Feeder)
Adjustable Side Panels
40 x 26 x 58
(101.6 x 66 x 147.3)
FS-000FS8Osborne ACCU-ARM Weigh Race
(Requires Feeder Lift Kit for FIRE Feeder)
Combo Finish
Galvanized with 304 Stainless Steel floor, sides, and links
Adjustable Side Panels
40 x 26 x 58
(101.6 x 66 x 147.3)


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