Heat Pad Controllers

Pig Heat Mats Controllers

The optimum temperature for pigs changes from about 95-100° F (35-38° C) at birth to about 70° F (21° C) when moved from the nursery. Whatever the temperature requirement, a perfect resting area can be created with Stanfield Heat Pads and an Osborne power control. Our selection of controllers can adjust the temperature of a single or entire system of pig heat mats to perfectly match room conditions or stages of production.

How it Works

Our simple, manual controls are perfect for setting and maintaining the right temperature of a single heat pad. Or, a feature-loaded, automatic-ramping controller system can control an entire room of pig heat mats, delivering the optimal temperature for healthy animal development and maximum energy savings.

Features & Benefits
  • Set and maintain the optimal temperature for animal development
  • Save electricity by using only the exact amount of power needed
  • Versatile, manual controllers simply plug in and control one or more pads simultaneously
  • Automatic controllers automatically compensate for changes in room temperature
  • Ramping controllers automatically reduce power to pig heat mats over time to match animals’ stage in production
Catalog No. Description AC Line Input Voltage (AC – 50/60 Hz) Maximum Current Rating (Amps RMS) Output Capacity (watts) Temperature Ramping Approvals
FE-00F300 Single Pad, Manual Controller 120 3 300 No UL Listed
FE-00F911 Economy, Manual Controller 120 5 600 No
FE-00F920A Automatic Controller 120 20 2,400 No CSA
FE-0HF920A Automatic Controller 240 20 4,800 No
FE-00F920D High-Capacity, Automatic Controller 120 40
2,400/circuit No
FE-0HF920D High-Capacity, Automatic Controller 240 40
4,800/circuit No

Expandable-Capacity, Automatic Controller System w/ Temperature Ramping –

FE-HPC001 Controller 120/240 Yes 0 to 100% CSA/UL
FE-HPC002 Controller 0-10VDC Yes 0 to 100% CSA/UL
FE-HPPM01 Power Modulator 120 16/modulator 1920 N/A CSA/UL
FE-HPPM02 Power Modulator 240 16/modulator 3840 N/A CSA/UL
FE-HPCPS1 Power Supply 120 N/A CSA/UL
FE-HPCPS2 Power Supply 240 N/A CSA/UL
FE-HPTS01 Temperature Sensor N/A CSA/UL


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