TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System

Team Electronic Sow Feeding System

Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF), used with RFID technology, allows individual sow management without individual confinement. ESF assists in the total reproductive management of gestating, farrowing, and unbred sows and gilts. When properly managed, research indicates KPIs (key performance indicators) are equal to or better than traditional gestation stall systems.


team_1Individually manage and feed sows and gilts in group-housed settings without individual confinement.

The Osborne TEAM® (Total Electronic Animal Management) System is a complete management system for gilts and gestating sows in large pen gestation. Osborne’s extensive research of animal behavior in group-housed settings has enabled the TEAM System to become one of the most reliable and proven ESF Systems in the world. Unlike other ESF Systems, TEAM system components are built strong for years of reliable use. The simple design and operation of TEAM means less stress for you and your animals.

Today, the investment in ESF equipment is less expensive when compared to traditional crated systems, and proper facility design requires less area per animal. The requirement for animals to have the ability to freely move around is becoming more mainstream as consumers and activists demand a more humane way of animal management. Many states and companies have required the end of gestation crates.

System Components

The Osborne TEAM Management System utilizes equipment that maximizes animal comfort and is designed to operate in harsh environments.

TEAM G-Station™
Team G Station
Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) Station
TEAM E-Station™
Team E Station
Electronic Sow Estrus Detection (EED) Station
TEAM Software
TEAM Software
Manages data collected by TEAM for management tasks
How it Works

team_app5Each sow or gilt is tagged with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. The TEAM System uses automated information based equipment, called workstations, to perform specific “chores” based upon the animals unique identification. Both the fulfillment of these chores and the associated biometrics are collected at the workstations. Each TEAM workstation is fitted with a small computer which is responsible for identifying each animal and executing commands. Information collected at each TEAM workstation extends the ability of your farm management personnel to understand the immediate status of every animal. The TEAM G-Station feeds each sow and gilt and the TEAM E-Station collects estrous information on sows and gilts.

Each animal is automatically identified by an electronic RFID ear tag whenever it enters a TEAM workstation. The ear tag allows the TEAM workstation to assign all actions to a record for each animal so animals can be managed individually.

Features & Benefits
  • Controlled feeding of individual sows and gilts in large pen gestation
  • Eliminates unnecessary feed waste
  • Provides comprehensive records for sow management
  • Optimizes gilt and sow condition
  • Eliminates feeding anxiety or aggression resulting in docile and unstressed animals
  • Better space utilization of barn because more of the building footprint is available as room for sows
  • Animals in the G-Station eat in a protected environment, eliminating competition for feed
  • Monitor estrous automatically with the TEAM E-Station

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