TEAM E-Station™

Team Electronic Sow Feeding System

The TEAM® E-Station™ checks for gilts and sows and watches for return to estrus among gestating sows. Gilts and sows interact with a teaser boar through nose-to-nose contact at the TEAM® E-station™. RFID tags are used to communicate the unique identification number of each animal visiting the E-Station.


estation_cobThe visit and duration of each interaction is measured and used to generate a very accurate Estrus Reference Value (ERV). The ERV is directly proportional to estrus intensity.

Raise production levels with TEAM® EED by monitoring estrus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for gilts or sows. Use quick reference reports generated daily by the TEAM® Software. Know before you enter the barn how many animals are to be checked and bred each day. Decrease reproductive failures and non-productive days. Plan “availability” by monitoring individual onset and timing of estrus for incoming replacement gilts while they are isolated and being acclimated.

Features & Benefits
  • Monitor estrus automatically 24-7
  • Plan availability for gilt development units
  • Detect first estrus in weaned sows
  • Identify return to estrus in large groups of animals
  • Locate animals that would otherwise go unnoticed
  • Available with a spray marker kit to visually identify animals ready for breeding
TEAM Electronic Estrus Detection (EED) Workstations
Catalog No. Description Finish Electronics
FP-000ED2 Estrus Detection E-Station Hot-dipped Galvanized ISO FDX-B
FP-000ED3* Estrus Detection Auxiliary Station
(antenna only)
Hot-dipped Galvanized N/A

* Note: The Auxiliary E-Station (FP-000ED3) requires one standard E-Station (FP-000ED2). The Auxiliary station is generally used when another access point to a boar is necessary. The Auxiliary Station shares the controls with the standard E-Station.

TEAM System Hardware
Catalog No. Description Notes
FG-EC2000 TEAM Controller For 520 animals / 16 Workstations Maximum
KG-PS1000 TEAM Power Supply 24V, 8 station capacity
KG-PS1001 TEAM Power Supply
24V, 8 station capacity
TEAM System Accessories
Catalog No. Description Notes
KP-AW130 Spray Marker Kit Sprays animals in E-Station to visually identify animals returning to estrus