Team Electronic Sow Feeding System
Team G Station

The TEAM® G-Station optimizes feeding and managing sows and gilts in large pen gestation. The feeding station precisely feeds each sow or gilt the right amount of feed at the right time.

The G-Station allows the animals to enter the workstation from the front and leave at the rear. Movement through the G-station is a natural progression. The RFID tag on each animal identifies it to the G-Station which dispenses the correct feed for that animal. Entrance and exit gates give the sow time to enjoy her meal without competition from other sows. An adjustable amount of water is delivered to the sow during her meal to encourage cleanup and shorten eating time.

Features & Benefits
  • Complete control of feeding sows as individuals in large pen gestation
  • Sow condition is optimized by ability to feed each sow according to her condition and gestation stage
  • Eliminates feed waste
  • Promotes uniform sow condition
  • Increases sow longevity and productive life
  • Eliminates feed anxiety or aggression resulting in docile and unstressed animals
  • Utilizes barn space better because more of the building footprint is available as moving room for sows
TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) Workstations
Catalog No.DescriptionFinishExit RaceElectronics
FG-TG2000G-StationHot-dipped Galvanized120°ISO FDX-B
TEAM System Hardware
Catalog No.DescriptionNotes
FG-EC2000TEAM ControllerFor 520 animals
16 Workstations Maximum
KG-PS1000TEAM Power Supply24V, 8 station capacity
KG-PS1001TEAM Power Supply
24V, 8 station capacity
TEAM System Accessories
Catalog No.DescriptionNotes
KG-G27000Divert Gate KitProvides two exits from G-Station
One exit returns sows to the herd; one exit into a separation pen
KG-TS2000Switch-LOK™ KitFor split-feeding of two groups on one G-Station without mixing groups
KP-AW100Spray Marker KitSprays animals in G-Station to visually identify animals for specific tasks
FG-TG2026Second Feed KitFeeds animals two rations during the feeding cycle