Daily Weigh™ Pig Sorting Software

Weight Watcher Growth Management System

dailyweigh2013Daily Weigh™ is the software application for the Weight Watcher Growth Management System that accesses, stores, and displays the information collected by one or more Osborne Survey Scales™. Monitoring scale operation and reviewing animal growth trends is easy with Daily Weigh because data is presented in a user-friendly, graphical form. In addition, Daily Weigh displays pen distributions, and projections can easily be made with the Market Predictor using the most current growth data.

Features & Benefits
  • Review animal activity and environmental conditions
  • Track growth, spot growth trends, and display pen distributions
  • Monitor weight distribution
  • Forecast date and number of market hogs at specific weight ranges available for market
  • Monitor individual animal growth rates with Daily Weigh II when animals are tagged with RFID tags and the Survey Scale is equipped for RFID
Software Reports
Name Function
Daily Summary Shows a graphical view of the daily weight information for user-defined weight groups.
Room Monitor Displays information related to animal activity and environment including, visits, water usage, and temperature charts.
Traffic Report Combines the data from the Daily Summary and Distribution Reports. User defined weight ranges are set and the animal population is shown for each weight range.
Inventory Report Shows the number of animals recorded for each scale. This report is the basis for all other reports that do inventory-type calculations.
Market Predictor Uses the collected data from the Survey Scale to provide an estimate of the quantity of animals that will be available for market and when they will become available.
Distribution Chart Shows a graphical presentation of the weight distribution of all animal visits to the Survey Scale for a given day.
Data Viewer Shows the weight distribution of all animal visits to the Survey Scale for a given day in a tabular report.
Feed Phasing Report Evaluates the available data and allows projections to be made regarding the optimal times to change to the next feed ration in a multiple ration feeding scheme.
Growth Chart Shows the growth trend over time of a selected Survey Scale or groups of scales.
Scale Properties Allows all settings of a scale to be viewed and changed.
Computer Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements for Daily Weigh™ Software:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 – 32 or 64 bit
  • 1 GB of free hard drive space
  • 1 free RS232 serial port or 1 USB port with USB-serial adapter
  • CD ROM or DVD drive