One-Way and By-Pass Gates

Weight Watcher Weather Hoods and Pit Fan Elbows

One Way Gates:
The purpose of the one-way gate is to ensure animals must pass through the Survey Scale when entering the feeding pen. Once inside the feeding pen, animals have one-way access back to the water pen, but must pass through the Survey Scale to return back inside the feeding pen. One-way gates are available with hot-dipped galvanized steel finish.

By-Pass Gates:
The purpose of the by-pass gate is to allow animals free access to the feed and water pens if an emergency event occurs. The by-pass gate automatically opens if a Survey Scale loses power or air pressure and ensures animals always have access to feed and water. The By-Pass Gate is available in stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized steel to limit rust potential.

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Features & Benefits

One-Way Gate

  • Rugged hot-dipped galvanized steel construction
  • Swinging u-rods allow safe and easy passage for animals
  • Easy to lock open for animal training
  • Solid steel sides provide extra stability

By-Pass Gate

  • Allows free access to feed and water pens if emergency event occurs
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Simple to install with one air hose connection
  • All stainless steel construction limits rust potential
Osborne ACCU-ARM® Survey Scale Gates
Catalog No. Description Finish Capacity (lbs | kg) Length in (cm) Width in (cm) Height in (cm) Notes
FS-SS0510 One-Way Gate (U-rods with Lock) Galvanized n/a 31-1/2 (80) 17-3/4
2-4 needed
per scale
(dependent on # of animals)
FS-SS0550 By-Pass Gate Galvanized n/a 4
1 per scale required
FS-SS0560 By-Pass Gate 304 Stainess Steel n/a 4
1 per scale required