Survey Scale

Weight Watcher Growth Management System

The Osborne ACCU-ARM® Survey Scale™ is the sort-scale component of the Weight Watcher™ Growth Management System. The Survey Scale measures the weight of the pigs each time they pass through the scale. The controller on the scale rapidly detects and stores the weight of each animal as it moves from the water to the feed pens.


Osborne Survey Scale

The Survey Scale also monitors the growth of pigs by sorting them by weight or sorting them for market. With the simple addition of RFID technology, individual average daily gain (ADG) growth values can be monitored to select top performing animals to be retained into the herd for genetic selection and improvement. For example, superior performing females can be retained in the herd as replacement females, and in addition to structural and reproductive traits, individual ADG data and growth information can incorporated into the selection process.

With the addition of a spray marker, animals in a specific weight range can visually be identified.

Features & Benefits
  • Survey Scale controller provides daily access to real-time growth performance and weight ranges of pigs
  • Monitors pig activity 24/7 when temperature tracking and water usage options are utilized
  • Track individual average daily gain (ADG) with RFID option
  • Survey Scale links to Daily Weigh Software to provide informative reports
  • Programmable weight ranges to track and predict future market loads
  • Rugged construction keeps the scale operating for years
  • Visually identify animals in specific weight ranges with addition of a spray marker
Operating Modes

The graphics below illustrate the Weight Watcher Mode and the Market Sort Mode.

Weight Watcher Mode:
In the Weight Watcher mode, the Survey Scale automatically diverts the pig to the appropriate feeding area based on the user’s pre-determined weight set point. Animals under the pre-determined weight are sorted into the light hog pen. Animals over the pre-determined weight are sorted into the heavy hog pen.
Market Sort Mode:
Market Sort Mode
In the Market Sort mode, the Survey Scale can be set to detect animals which exceed a pre-determined market weight. Animals that have reached the targeted market weight are sorted into the market pen. The pigs sorted for market can then be easily loaded and shipped to market.
Osborne ACCU-ARM® Survey Scale
(lbs | kg)
FS-SS0110Survey ScaleCombo
Galvanized Steel and
304 Stainless Steel
370 (168)
500 pigs max.
FS-SS0120Survey Scale304 Stainless Steel370 (168)
500 pigs max.
Overall Dimensions
Length72 1/8 in. (184 cm)
Width27 in. (69 cm)
Height64 3/8 in. (164 cm)
Weight450 lbs. (240 kg)
Basket Dimensions
Length47 1/4 in. (120 cm)
Width14 in. (35 cm)
Height36 in. (91 cm)
Animal Weighing
Minimum Weight22 lbs. (10 kg)
Maximum Weight374 lbs. (170 kg)
Resolution0.5 lbs. (0.2 kg)
Maximum Auto-Zero Range22 lbs. (10 kg)
Electrical Requirements
Input Voltage90 VAC – 240 VAC
Input Current1.5 A (115 VAC) – 0.8 A–– (230 VAC)
Output Voltage24 V DC
Output Current2.5 A
Air Requirements
Pressure60 psi (413 KPa)
Flow2.6 cfm
Accessories or Optional Add-Ons
KS-SSM100Spray Marker KitSpray Marker Kit for Survey Scale
KR-CTE120UPS Power Conditioner700 VA, 110V, 24-station maximum
REW-3600Electrical Cable18-4 Shielded
KI-00I100Interface – RS485Includes (1) KI-00I400 USB to RS232 Converter Cable
FS-SSD200NDaily Weight II
(software upgrade)
RFID Capability
Requires: RFID Tags for pigs; KS-SSA501 (Antenna Assembly); & KI-00I100 (interface)
KS-SSA501Antenna Assembly with ID ModuleWhen using Daily Weigh II with RFID, must order for each scale
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