Livestock Ventilation System Design Series – Part 3: Chimney vs. Western-Style Technology

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This blog is Part Three of our three-part series highlighting livestock ventilation system designs, with a focus on chimney vs. western-style mechanical ventilation systems. Follow the links for Part One and Part Two here. Maintaining the health of your livestock is essential to a productive agricultural business, contributing to profitability by preventing disease and reducing…

Livestock Ventilation System Design Series – Part 2: Natural & Mechanical Ventilation

Super Jet Circulation Fan | Natural Ventilation & Mechanical Ventilation

This blog is Part Two of our three-part series highlighting livestock ventilation system designs, with a focus on natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Read Part One here. Livestock ventilation systems contribute not only to animal health, leading to a higher-quality finished product and better profitability, but also to the health of their caretakers. The type…

Livestock Ventilation System Design Series – Part 1: Factors to Consider

This blog is Part One of our three-part series highlighting livestock ventilation system designs. Livestock farmers understand how important maintaining their animals’ health and comfort is to their bottom line. Livestock ventilation systems contribute to profitability by helping to maintain good air quality not only for their animals but also for those who care for…

Seeing the Value in Uniform Market Animal Weight

Seeing the Value in Uniform Market Animal Weight

Although average market pig weights have improved in recent decades thanks to lean growth and feed efficiency, recent Purdue Extension research reveals that producers still make market animal sorting mistakes that increase sort loss and reduce the number of pigs sent at optimal market weight for processing.

A Guide to Optimizing Sow Feed Intake

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Creating the optimal environment for farrowing sows can help to minimize the challenges producers face when it comes to maintaining proper body condition and raising healthy piglets, as sow well-being will always be a constant concern within our industry. Improvements to sow feeding are a clear opportunity for improvement to body condition, overall health, increased…

Davidson Joins Osborne Sales Staff

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July 24, 2020 – Osborne, Kansas, USA – Osborne Industries, Inc., is pleased to announce that Chevy Davidson has been named North America Sales Representative for livestock equipment. Along with Osborne’s customer-centric focus, Davidson will assist in the distribution of Osborne’s swine management equipment in the Midwest United States. “Having worked in the industry all…

Notice of Product Discontinuation & Replacement: B301 Circuit Board

Date of Issue: July 15, 2020 Product support and repair of Model B310 printed circuit boards (Osborne part number KI-00B310) utilized in the Integrated Function Controllers (IFCs) of Osborne automated feeding and weighing equipment (TEAM, FIRE, and/or Survey Scales) will be discontinued as of August 15, 2020. The Model B310 electrical circuit board was discontinued…

Pig Performance Testing: An Overview of the Osborne FIRE System

pig performance testing

In pig and other livestock breeding, feed conversion is one of the most essential criteria for genetic selection. The more efficiently an animal is able to convert feed into body mass, the faster it can get to market. Identifying superior feed conversion characteristics is important as this trait is passed on from parent to offspring.…

Osborne Introduces New Digital Weight Display for ACCU-ARM Livestock Scales

June 15, 2020 – Osborne, Kansas – Osborne Industries, Inc., manufacturer of ACCU-ARM® portable livestock scales, is pleased to announce the release of a new, cost-saving digital weight display for its 500-lb. capacity weigh scales for small animals like pig, sheep, and goats.

Special COVID-19 Message from Osborne

Dear Customers, Suppliers, and Employee-Owners, The novel Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has become a household word. Although we do not fully understand its future within our company nor the economy, we do understand and support those that are battling the virus on the front lines. Osborne is working to keep its business safe and…