Feeding Equipment

Feed is often the highest input cost in raising pigs. Eliminate waste and ensure pigs — not the pit or ground — are being fed with Osborne’s full line of automatic feeders, including Big Wheel Feeders and Electronic Sow Feeders (ESF) for group housing. Ranging from a one-bushel nursery feeder to a 2-plus ton-capacity bulk finishing feeder and a feature-loaded electronic sow feeding system, there’s an Osborne feeder for every pig farm.


Osborne pioneered a new concept for feeding pigs back when farmers had only traditional gravity-flow feeders to rely on. This concept, known as mechanical-flow feeding, boosted profit on livestock farms from both feed and labor savings.

The mechanical-flow feed delivery system in the Big Wheel Feeder works differently than traditional gravity-flow feeders. Mechanical-flow feed delivery means pigs — not gravity — operate the feeder, dispensing only what they need and no more. This design offers incredible feed savings by ensuring feed goes directly to the pigs instead of going to waste on the ground or in the pit. Guaranteed to offer a full return on investment, there really is nothing that beats a Big Wheel.

In addition to the Big Wheel Feeder, Osborne offers ESF systems that allow for individual sow feeding and management without individual confinement.

Join Osborne's thousands of satisfied customers — and hundreds of thousands of animals all over the world — by choosing an Osborne feeding system to meets your needs.

Feeding Equipment


Mechanical feed delivery completely eliminates gravity-flow and play waste.
Feeding Equipment


Cost per pound of gain is optimized because feed is consumed and not wasted.
Feeding Equipment


Virtually all feed is used for animal growth with no wasted feed in the pit.
Feeding Equipment


Eliminate continual feeder adjustments. Set the feed flow control once then forget it.

Nursery Feeders

The self-cleaning, round trough of Big Wheel Nursery Feeders ensures feed is always fresh for sensitive nursery-size animals. Waste created by play, sorting, or even backing away from the feed trough is easily prevented with Big Wheel Nursery Feeders.

Wean-to-Finish Feeders

Provide the maximum amount of feed for newly weaned pigs and finish them with zero waste with Osborne’s FAST Start Big Wheel Feeders. Harnessing only the benefits of gravity-flow feed delivery for weaned pigs, FAST Start automatically converts to Osborne’s signature no-waste, mechanical-flow feed delivery as pigs grow. Grow and finish pigs all on a single feeder with FAST Start.

Finish Feeders

Used inside or outside, nothing beats the feed and labor-saving performance of the Big Wheel Finish Feeders. Large trough openings and plenty of standing room means pigs never waste feed from competing for access or overcrowding. Improve feed conversion by ensuring feed is going into the pigs and not the pit with Big Wheel Finish Feeders.

Bulk Finish Feeders

Reduce the labor required for constantly refilling feeders with Osborne’s automatic Big Wheel Bulk Finish Feeders. Hot-dipped galvanized metal parts and abrasion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced composite hoppers and troughs easily stand up to the abuse of Mother Nature and 300-lb. finish hogs. Perfect for growing pigs in hoop barns or on dirt lots.

Single-Space Sow Feeders

Improve feed intake for lactating sows with Osborne’s selection of single-space sow feeders. Available with Osborne’s signature no-waste mechanical-flow design, these feeders ensure maximum intake to reduce wean-to-service intervals.

Pen Gestation Feeders (ESF)

Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) allows for individual sow and gilt management without individual confinement. Harnessing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Osborne’s Total Electronic Animal Management (TEAM) systems provide animals with freedom to exercise, freedom to choose their eating schedule without feeding anxiety or aggression, and improves animal condition.



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