Osborne’s total ventilation solutions are based on over 45 years of practical experience creating comfortable, productive environments in all types of livestock buildings, kennels, vet clinics, and anywhere animals are housed. Whatever species you raise, fresh air is vital to the health of your animals, your staff, and the financial success of your business.


As livestock farmers and kennel operators, you understand how important maintaining your animals’ health and comfort is to your bottom line. Proper ventilation contributes to profitability by helping maintain good air quality for both animals and those who care for them. Properly ventilated buildings prevent disease and illnesses, reduce animal stress and discomfort, and create a more productive environment.

With an integrated combination of exhaust fans, fresh air inlets, circulation fans, and reliable controls, Osborne-designed ventilation systems can create healthy indoor environments for virtually any kind of animal. Each component is built to provide long-lasting, trouble-free service.

Research with our air movement laboratory, our Demonstration Farm field tests, and our collaboration with leading universities have enabled us to harness state-of-the-art technology and offer you an efficient combination of ventilation components. Let us show you how we can simultaneously improve the air quality in your buildings and reduce your operating costs.



Keep animal environments optimized with fresh air for both animals and their caretakers.


Expel dangerous and toxic gases to keep animals healthy and productive.


AGRI-AIDE designs are adaptable to all livestock buildings, kennels, and more.


No-sag, no-warp fiberglass-reinforced housings easily withstand harsh conditions.

Exhaust Fans

Properly sized and placed exhaust fans assist in continuous fresh air exchange in animal facilities. Without exhausting indoor air, a toxic build-up of gases is possible that can seriously affect animal performance. Osborne’s selection of exhaust fans expel condensation and toxic gases and are available in a full range of sizes and CFM ratings to match nearly all applications.

Circulation Fans

Stagnant air in animal facilities can cause a life-threatening build-up of gases and moisture. Proper air circulation improves exhaust fan performance by ensuring all indoor air is well-mixed before it is exhausted. Eliminate “dead air” spaces, expel condensation, and keep pens clean and dry with Osborne’s line of Super-Jet Circulation Fans.

Fresh Air Inlets

Exhaust fans create negative pressure in animal care facilities that requires replenishing the foul indoor air with fresh outdoor air. Osborne’s fresh air exchange systems use various inlets, including the line of no-adjust Auto-MAX inlets, to provide the fresh air your animals need to stay healthy and productive.

Controls & Accessories

Osborne-designed fresh air exchange systems include fan controls ranging from simple, manual motor speed controls for a single fan to fully-integrated, automatic system controls with multiple ventilation stages and customizable settings. Additionally, a full line of corrosion-resistant accessories to support fan performance are also available to complete a state-of-the-art ventilation system.



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