Pioneer Chinese Pig Producer Presents ESF Experience at GDPIA

Pioneer Chinese Pig Producer Presents Electronic Sow Feeding System Experience at Guangdong Pig Industry Association Trade Show

A featured speaker at the recent Guangdong Pig Industry Association (GDPIA) trade show in December 2008 was Mr. Qiu Chuiji, manager for Shantou Dexing Breeding Industrial Company, Ltd. Shantou Dexing Breeding Industrial Company led the Chinese swine industry by installing the first electronic sow feeding system in China in January 2008. Mr. Qiu’s presentation detailed experiences with Osborne Industries’ TEAM® Large Pen Management System for group housed gestating sows.

The GDPIA trade show featured presentations from top experts, professors and researchers regarding innovative technologies and solutions for the pig industry in China. The GDPIA show, held in Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, China each June and December, is the most important industry show in one of the top hog producing provinces in China.

Mr. Yao Hui De, owner of Shantou Dexing, purchased the Osborne TEAM System in order to improve his sow performance through the use of technology. He selected the TEAM System based on the TEAM System’s reputation among hog producers around the world, and on Osborne’s reputation among Chinese hog producers for quality products and quick, efficient service in China. Shantou Dexing’s first TEAM System boosted sow condition, piglet viability, piglet birth weights and farrowing rates. “The improvement in sow condition is quite apparent when visually appraising sow condition”, observes Mr. Yao.

These positive results and improvements prompted Mr. Yao to sign a contract in May 2008 to install a second system at a new 1,200-sow Shantou Dexing farm.

Shantou Dexing Breeding Industrial Company currently owns 5,000 sows. Mr. Yao started raising pigs 10 years ago on a small farm while operating his main business, metal processing. In 2003, Mr. Yao expanded his swine business by purchasing a 2,000 sow farm. In 2006 and 2007, Mr. Yao continued to expand to the current 5,000 sows.

Shantou Dexing’s TEAM system was sold and installed by Osborne Livestock Technologies, a subsidiary company of Osborne Industries, Inc., located in Shanghai, China. Osborne Industries is a diversified developer and manufacturer of advanced livestock management equipment and custom-engineered systems, located in Osborne, KS. For more information about the TEAM® System, contact us today.