Tamana Farm installs first TEAM Sow Management System in Japan

Tamana Farm is pioneering the TEAMGroup Sow Management System in Japan. The first TEAM System in the country was installedin Tamana Farm, located in Kumamoto, KyushuIsland, in southern Japan.

This TEAM Group Sow ManagementSystem was installed in March at a brand new farrowing farm. “We will start populating the farm with sows in mid-May, through a period of six months until it is filled with the 1,000 sows planned”, says Mr. Hiroshi Oyama, President of Tamana Farm. Along with the new gestation and farrowing facilities, a nursery was also built that will house all weaned pigs.

“We wanted to have the latest technology in our farm”, says Mr. Oyama, “and our land is a limiting factor here so we needed to maximize space efficiency” he adds. This, plus cost efficiency and animal-friendly production technology, led Tamana Farm to choose TEAM Group Sow Management System for their new farm.

With the use of TEAM Group Sow Management System Tamana Farm expects to eliminate labor intensive tasks and improve sow conditioning. They will now be able to focus more attention on their sows, which they also expect to be more docile, making sow management easier.

“We are excited about this first TEAM installation in Japan through the co-operative efforts of Osborne Industries and Iwatani Camborough, and there will be more installations to come”, says Mr. Hajime Mitamura, General Manager of Iwatani Camborough Co. Ltd., Osborne’s TEAM Group Sow Management Systems distributor in Japan.

Tamana Farm is one of several farms that are part of the Japan Agriculture conglomerate, JA Group. As part of Osborne’s services with the TEAM System installation, representatives from Tamana Farm and Iwatani Camborough attended a three-day long training on TEAM at Osborne Industries’ facilities in Osborne, Kansas, USA.

Osborne Industries is a diversified developer and manufacturer of advanced livestock management equipment and custom-engineered systems, located in Osborne, KS. For more information about the TEAM® Group Sow Management System, visit www.osborne-ind.com or email info@osborne-ind.com.