Complete Bolt Kit, RO Feeder

Category: SKU: KF-O10016


Replacement complete bolt kit for all RO-Series Big Wheel Finish Feeders. This bolt kit includes only fasteners for the bottom section of RO feeders. For bolt kits for adding expansion rings (for models RO45, RO65, RO85, RO105), order SF-O10003 (one bolt kit required per expansion ring). Zinc plated.


Feeder Model Capacity/No. of Expansion Rings Bolt Kits Required
FF-0RO25K 25 bu./None KF-O10016 (1 each)
FF-0RO45K 45 bu./One KF-O10016 (1 each), SF-O10003 (1 each)
FF-0RO65K 65 bu./Two KF-O10016 (1 each), SF-O10003 (2 each)
FF-0RO85K 85 bu./Three KF-O10016 (1 each), SF-O10003 (3 each)
FF-0RO105K 105 bu./Four KF-O10016 (1 each), SF-O10003 (4 each)

Contact Osborne Customer Service for assistance in determining the correct quantity replacement bolt kits needed.



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