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Stanfield Heat Pad (1 x 3 ft.) S1B3

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Osborne’s Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads provide safe, reliable heat to growing pigs. They are the safest, most economical way to promote good health and growth. Heat is distributed evenly and provides a uniform lying area 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature.

Made of Osborne-engineered fiberglass reinforced plastic composite material, the heat pads are 100% water-tight and easy to clean. The treaded surface provides sure footing for piglets and the evenly distributed heat keeps them away from the sow to reduce crush-losses.

All Stanfield Heat Pads are American-made in our factory. Temperature controls are recommended to maintain optimum surface temperature and extend energy savings.

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Catalog Number FH-RS1B30
Model Number S1B3
Size 1 x 3 ft. (0.30 x 0.91 m)
Animals Served Up to 9
Maximum Power Output 80 watts
Voltage 120 / 240
Power Cord* 10 ft. (3 m)
Maximum Energy Used 1.92 kWh/Day
Temperature 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature
*All heat pads available with international plugs.


All parts and repairs are factory installed only. Call Osborne Customer Service or request an RMR Number.