Stanfield Heat Mat – 3 x 6 ft.

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Stanfield Nursery Heat Pads provide safe and reliable heat for growing pigs. They are the safest, most economical way to promote good health and growth. Heat is distributed evenly and provides a uniform lying area 20-25° F (11-14° C) above air temperature at full power. Extend energy savings and protect your investment with our full line of power controls and accessories.

Made of flame-resistant, engineered fiberglass reinforced composite material, Stanfield heat mats are fully water-tight, easy to clean, and block chilling drafts from the pit. The treaded surface provides sure footing for piglets and plenty of evenly distributed heat ensures energy goes to growth, not warmth.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce room temperatures without stressing nursery-sized animals
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Resting surface remains constant and uniform, 20-25° F (11-14° C) above air temperature at full power
  • Safe and durable – double-insulated heating element is fully sealed the the composite material
  • Water-resistant and fire-retardant construction

Note: Pricing shown for 120V North America heat pads only. Heat pads made to country-specific electrical specifications (voltage, frequency, plug type) are also available. Request a quote for pricing for country-specific electrical requirements.


Catalog Number FH-RS3060
Model Number S306
Size 3 x 6 ft. (0.91 x 1.83 m)
Animals Served Up to 36
Maximum Power Output 390 watts
Voltage* 120
Power Cord* 10 ft. (3 m)
Maximum Energy Used 9.36 kWh/Day
Temperature 20-25° F (11-14° C) above air temperature



All parts and repairs are factory installed only. Call Osborne Customer Service or request an RMR Number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What surface temperature should I expect from a Stanfield Heat Mat?
    In a nursery barn that is maintained between 70 to 75˚F (22 – 24˚C), the surface of the heat pad will be 90 to 95˚F (32 – 35˚C) at full power or without any temperature control. Allow about one hour after power is applied to measure the surface temperatures accurately. Stanfield heat mats are self regulating based on ambient air temperature. Other factors like species and number of animals resting on the mat, type of flooring material, and the presence of drafts will also influence the exact surface temperature of the heat pad.
  2. How do I know if the temperature of my Stanfield Heating Mat is right for my animals?
    When it comes to proper heating mat temperatures, animal behavior is the best thermostat in the barn. If the pigs leave the heat pad and lay elsewhere, check the heat pad. If it is too cool, increase the barn temperature or increase the setting on your heat mat control(s). If the pigs lay around the edge of the heat pad rather than directly on it or if they defecate on the heat pad, it is likely too warm. If the mat is too warm, reduce the barn temperature, reduce the setting on your heat mat control(s), or simply unplug the mat and use it as a draft barrier.
  3. Can bedding or other material be used with a Stanfield Heat Mat?
    Coverings of any sort are not recommended for use with electric heaters like heating mats, nor are they needed. Covering the heat pad with bedding materials or residues will usually result in inefficient and improper operation of the heat pad. Stanfield heat pads are durably designed for direct contact with the juvenile animals and eliminate the need for bedding and the cost and work associated with maintenance of bedding.
  4. Do Stanfield Heat Mats have an internal thermostat?
    No. The Stanfield Heat Pad is designed to provide a constant amount of heat. An internal thermostat is not a reliable way to control heat pad temperature. First, an internal thermostat samples the temperature in only a very small region of the heat pad. Second, such a thermostat is inherently less durable than the heat pad itself. Instead, Stanfield Heat Mats are designed to operate at a steady temperature rise above ambient. The use of Osborne Heat Pad Controls is recommended for reliable and economical control of heat pad temperature.
  5. Should I provide other heat in the barn besides Stanfield Heat Mats for newborn pigs or other livestock animals?
    Stanfield Heat Pads do not produce enough heat to warm a barn. They attract pigs and other juvenile animals because they provide a warm sleeping area. If the air temperature drops too low (e.g. less than 60˚F [15˚C]), then chilling is possible, especially if the laying area permits drafts.
  6. Should I anchor my Stanfield Heat Mats in place?
    Fastening heat pads to the floor, draft barrier, or wall and thoroughly protecting the power cord improves safety and ensures your mats can safely operate for many years. Simply anchor the heat pad through the predrilled holes or add holes at the predimpled locators. Smart-Fasteners are available from Osborne, specially designed to fasten heat pads securely to slotted floors, or simple tie-downs may be used. On solid concrete, use expansion bushings and screws. To keep moisture and residue from accumulating under the heat pad, apply a bead of caulking compound around the outer edge before securing to the floor.