WinFIRE RT™ Software

WinFIRE RT is the all new software application that manages the data collected by the Mark IV FIRE and SaFIRE Systems. Each FIRE and SaFIRE Feeder is a stand-alone unit that includes a sophisticated Integrated Function Controller (IFC) with its own microprocessor and memory. Data is continually transferred to your PC where it can be viewed and studied in real time within the WinFIRE RT software application. These data files are easily exported to popular data management, spreadsheet, and graphing programs.

Features & Benefits
  • Continual transfer of data can be viewed in real-time with WinFIRE RT
  • Generates reports with user-controlled data filters to evaluate data collected
  • Easily export collected data to popular data management, spreadsheet, or graphing programs
  • Compare individual animals based on feed consumption, weight gain or animal performance
Software Reports
Name Function
Animal Performance Report Provides detailed information on individual animals, including information on daily visits
Animal Summary Report Provides a comparison between individual animals during a given test period
Group Performance Report Presents data for all animals on a single feeder for a specific date
Feeder Summary Report Provides a quick overview of the operation of the FIRE System and status of animals located on a specific FIRE Feeder
Computer Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements for WinFIRE RT Software:

  • MS Windows® 7, 8 or 10 – 32 or 64 bit operating system
  • 1 GB of free hard drive space
  • 1 RS232 serial port or 1 USB-serial adapter
  • CD ROM or DVD Drive
  • Voltage stabilizer or UPS