Flow Pro Bin Agitator

Osborne’s new Flow Pro® Bulk Bin Agitator eliminates feed bridging so your animals are never without feed. Automatically activating alongside automatic feed delivery systems, Flow Pro’s gentle agitator promotes first-in, first-out flow while preventing bridging of high fat and high moisture feeds. Unlike other feed bridging solutions, no high frequency vibrations or blunt impacts to bin boots or collars prevents bin wear and tear, and never crumbles pellets or reduces ground feed to dust. Installs easily – even with a bin full of feed!

Flow Pro is covered by one or more patents (PAT osborne-ind.com/ip) and is a licensed product of Fat Lump Buster, LLC.


How It Works

Flow Pro’s built-in sensing system is used to automatically activate the agitator inside the bin’s boot whenever the feed system is turned on, meaning it only operates when feed is being delivered. An IP66-rated, weather-resistant, outdoor motor gently rotates the auger so feed never bridges as it moves down the bin at an even rate. Feed in the bin is never compacted and the gently-rotating, heavy steel agitator won’t crumble pellets or reduce ground feed to dust. No high-frequency vibration prevents the loosening of bin components and fasteners. Eliminating the need for blunt impacts to the bin’s boot or collar from hammers or mallets keeps bins in top shape.

Finally, farm staff can harness the data collected by bin level monitoring products and accurately schedule feed delivery knowing what’s in the bin isn’t bridging and skewing the data.

Features & Benefits
  • Eliminates out-of-feed events for maximum feed intake by all animals
  • Automatically operates alongside feed delivery systems eliminating constant bin vibration
  • Promotes first-in, first-out mass flow of feed out of the bin
  • Impact-free design and IP66-rated outdoor motor gently rotates steel agitator eliminating the need for hammering on the bin’s boot or collar.
  • Installs easily even with feed in the bin
Catalog No. Boot Style* Unloader Style* Agitator Style Motor Motor Rating
FB-FP0001 Straight Single Unloader Steel 120/240 VAC
50/60 Hz
FB-FP0002 30-degree Single Unloader Steel 120/240 VAC
50/60 Hz

* Bin, boot and unloader not included. Specify boot style and number of unloaders on bin at time of ordering. Contact Osborne for complete parts list.



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