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Read This Before Investing in Industrial Ceiling Fans

When planning a ventilation system for livestock buildings and barns, you’ll want equipment that’s both efficient and effective. Since the health and wellness of your animals is at risk, any responsible business owner will want to take proper ventilation seriously. Industrial ceiling fans have been a staple in livestock ventilation systems for decades, but you… Read more »

How Automatic Pig Feeding Systems Improve the Bottom Line

Sows in Accu-Team Feeding System

Pig producers face a lot of challenges. In North America, specifically, there are 70% fewer pig farms today than in the year 2000.  As feed costs rise while global demand for animal protein increases, pig farmers must produce more pork with fewer resources. Automatic pig feeding systems are a large part of the solution, as… Read more »

Benefits of the Weight Watcher for Grow to Finish Barns

Weight Watcher Pig Scale

Both wrestlers and boxers are matched up to their competitors based on weight. Athletes who participate in these sports are constantly weighing themselves to make sure their weight is appropriate for the class in which they fight. Keeping track of human weight is a pretty simple task. Fighters simply hop on a scale for a… Read more »

Keep Animals Safe and Warm With Pig Heating Pads

Keep Animals Warm with Pig Heating Pads

Create the perfect microenvironment It is well known that pig heating pads provide the safest and most reliable heat for newborn pigs in farrowing. For years, farmers have raised healthier pigs with heat pads, leading to better survival through weaning and nursery. Heat pads provide the perfect microenvironment for baby pigs by providing plenty of… Read more »

Pig Heating Pads vs. Heat Lamps

The Importance of Proper Heat Placement in Farrowing Facilities Heat placement for young pigs is a critical component for getting animals started quickly and maintaining optimal health. In gestation and finishing, only one macro-environment is necessary because animals are of similar age and have similar temperature requirements. Conversely, in farrowing, nursery, and wean-to-finish, a micro-environment… Read more »