Circulation Fans

Circulation Fans

super-jet-air-flowOsborne’s AGRI-AIDE Ventilation Systems create comfortable, productive livestock environments. Whether you manage pigs, poultry, dairy or other livestock, we can help you develop a complete ventilation plan and offer equipment options to match any requirements.

Osborne’s Super-Jet™ fans powerfully move air throughout buildings by creating a jet stream of beneficial air. Because of their super-circulation capacity, large, power-hungry floor or basket fans are not necessary. Super-Jets provide the proper mixture of barn air allowing a uniform amount of fresh air to reach each animal. All year long, Super-Jets help keep temperatures uniform, which encourages proper dunging patterns.


Features & Benefits
  • High jet velocity creates a jet-stream of beneficial air movement greater than the fan’s own output
  • Creates the proper mixture of fresh air, completely eliminating “dead air” spaces
  • Heavy duty, totally enclosed, thermally protected, auto-reset motors with pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • Dual voltage, 120 V and 240 V motor
  • Radial, nickel plated motor mounts and front blade guards reduce air restriction
  • Osborne RTM-Glas™ fiberglass reinforced plastic housings are non-porous, rigid, and will not warp or heat sag like inexpensive poly housings



Super-Jet Circulation Fans Specification Sheet: English | Spanish