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Osborne Introduces Indicator Light for Stanfield Pig Heating Pad

Stanfield Pig Heating Pad Indicator Light

August 18, 2015 – Osborne, Kan., Osborne Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of swine management equipment, is pleased to introduce an all-new electric indicator light for the company’s signature Stanfield pig heating pads. The patent-pending indicator light provides visual confirmation that heat pads are operating properly and providing crucial heat to newborn piglets in farrowing… Read more »

Keep Animals Safe and Warm With Pig Heating Pads

Keep Animals Warm with Pig Heating Pads

Create the perfect microenvironment It is well known that pig heating pads provide the safest and most reliable heat for newborn pigs in farrowing. For years, farmers have raised healthier pigs with heat pads, leading to better survival through weaning and nursery. Heat pads provide the perfect microenvironment for baby pigs by providing plenty of… Read more »

Osborne Acquires International Electrical Safety Certifications

Stanfield pig heating pad

April 8, 2015 – Osborne, Kansas – Osborne Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of pig production equipment, has been awarded international electrical safety certifications on the Stanfield® Heat Pad, the company’s electric heating pad for baby pigs. In the CB Report, CA/16933/CSA, issued November 11, 2014, Osborne Stanfield Pig Heating Pads were shown… Read more »

Osborne Industries Presents at Export Promotion Meeting

Export Meeting

March 17, 2015 – George Eakin, President and CEO of Osborne Industries, Inc., presented a seminar to the attendees of the Northwest Kansas Regional Export Promotion Meeting on the campus of Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kan., on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Eakin presented on Osborne Industries’ experience in exporting its livestock equipment products… Read more »

40 Years of Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pads for Pigs

40 Years of Osborne's Stanfield Heat Pads for Pigs

Celebrating 40 years since their development, Osborne’s Stanfield® Heat Pads remain the safest, most reliable and economical heat pads for baby pigs in livestock production facilities. Producers all over the world rely on Osborne’s heat pads to create an ideal environment with controllable heat for their newly farrowed piglets. Stanfield Heat Pads were developed in… Read more »

Ontario Hog Farmer: Researcher Finds Piglet Heating Economies

Ontario Hog Farmer: Researcher Finds Piglet Heating Economies

Article by Jim Romahn, Ontario Hog Farmer, January/February 2013 HOG FARMERS CAN RECOVER the cost of a heat pad controller for piglets within 14 months if they’re on a 21-day farrowing system, says Dr. Hongwei Xin of Iowa State University. He’s a big fan of heating pads rather than heat lamps. Dr. Xin says simply… Read more »

Pig Heating Pads vs. Heat Lamps

The Importance of Proper Heat Placement in Farrowing Facilities Heat placement for young pigs is a critical component for getting animals started quickly and maintaining optimal health. In gestation and finishing, only one macro-environment is necessary because animals are of similar age and have similar temperature requirements. Conversely, in farrowing, nursery, and wean-to-finish, a micro-environment… Read more »