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How Automatic Pig Feeding Systems Improve the Bottom Line

Sows in Accu-Team Feeding System

Pig producers face a lot of challenges. In North America, specifically, there are 70% fewer pig farms today than in the year 2000.  As feed costs rise while global demand for animal protein increases, pig farmers must produce more pork with fewer resources. Automatic pig feeding systems are a large part of the solution, as… Read more »

Technology Leader to Install 70-Station TEAM ESF System

Yangling Besun Agricultural Industry Group Corporation Limited has announced the installation of a 70-station TEAM® System in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, China. Agriculture is an important part of the Northwest region of China around the Yangling territory, where the Chinese government promotes and encourages the use of technologically advanced equipment and ecologically friendly production procedures. The… Read more »

Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Announces Installation of TEAM ESF

Linyi Xincheng Jinluo announced the installation of a 42 station TEAM® System in a new 3,200 sow production unit in Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. Agriculture is a major industry in the area and Shandong province, located on the eastern coast of China, is one of the top five pork producing provinces in… Read more »

Tamana Farm installs first TEAM Sow Management System in Japan

Tamana Farm is pioneering the TEAMGroup Sow Management System in Japan. The first TEAM System in the country was installedin Tamana Farm, located in Kumamoto, KyushuIsland, in southern Japan. This TEAM Group Sow ManagementSystem was installed in March at a brand new farrowing farm. “We will start populating the farm with sows in mid-May, through… Read more »

New NeX Eco Farm Features Electronic Sow Feeding

NeX Eco Agriculture Technologies, Inc. started populating a new 1,300-sow production unit, Feng Tang farm, in February 2009. The NeX Eco production unit is located near the city of Chenzhou in the southern part of Hunan province, the second largest hog producing province in China. This production unit is fully automated, environmentally friendly, and features… Read more »

Pioneer Chinese Pig Producer Presents ESF Experience at GDPIA

Pioneer Chinese Pig Producer Presents Electronic Sow Feeding System Experience at Guangdong Pig Industry Association Trade Show A featured speaker at the recent Guangdong Pig Industry Association (GDPIA) trade show in December 2008 was Mr. Qiu Chuiji, manager for Shantou Dexing Breeding Industrial Company, Ltd. Shantou Dexing Breeding Industrial Company led the Chinese swine industry… Read more »