Flow Pro for Straight Boot Bins

SKU: FB-FP0001
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Osborne new Flow Pro bulk feed bin agitator ensures continuous, first-in, first-out feed flow of your bins so your animals are never without feed. Non-impacting and non-vibrating, the gently-rotating agitator automatically activates with automatic feed delivery systems.

Installed with full or empty bin with straight boot and single unloader. IP66 outdoor-rated 120/240VAC motor with heavy steel agitator.

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Catalog Number* FB-FP0001
Boot Style Straight
Unloader Style Single
Agitator Steel
Motor 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Motor Rating IP66
* Assembly DOES NOT include straight plastic unloader/boot. Use Catalog Number FB-FP0003 for complete assembly WITH straight plastic unloader.